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Settle unpaid invoices
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No Settlement, No Fee

Don't allow an unpaid invoice to become a bad debt.
We support your business by limiting bad debt and facilitating unpaid invoice settlement. We operate on a no settlement, no fee arrangement.

Our team at Late Payment Service are experienced in all aspects of credit control for UK based businesses.  We operate as your ‘appointed representative’, effectively working as your outsourced team to provide a cost efficient credit control function. 

Our objective is to ensure that your cash flow isn’t damaged by bad debt by actively encouraging the prompt payment of unpaid invoices.  No fee is due until settlement of an unpaid invoice is achieved.

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What are the benefits of our service?

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We can start working on the settlement of your unpaid invoice today.

Simply complete the form and we can get started on the prompt settlement of your unpaid invoice.  No need for meetings or a lengthy onboarding procedure, we will start the process straightaway.

Note – We will send you the Terms and Conditions to sign via Docusign.

Frequently Asked Questions

The commission amount varies depending upon the level of service you require.  For a one-off collection of an unpaid invoice, the commission amount is based upon the value of the invoice and ranges from 16% down to 6% for higher value collections.

Only when a collection is successfully, if there is no settlement, there is no fee due.  Any commission due, is then either taken from the amount that we collect directly or is paid by you on receipt of the payment from the debtor.


We have a proven process for the collection of late payments.  This is based upon a number of methods to actively encourage the debtor to pay the unpaid and overdue invoice without having to resort to more formal recovery action.

Yes, we actively encourage repeat business for obvious reasons.  Also, we suggest that you sign up for our credit control services which will save you money if you need frequent collections.

We have an efficient and fully transparent process.  Our intuitive customer portal is used to securely communicate all of our activities and keep you fully informed on the collection status.

Still unsure? Feel free to get in touch with one of our Late Payment Service representatives.

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