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Earn up to £80 when you refer our services
Refer our services to your business partners.

We offer an initial £30 on successful referral and an additional £50 when a successful collection is completed.

Recommendations are vital to us.  If you feel we are doing a great job then we’d like you to refer our services to your business partners and associates.  If they sign up, we will offer you a referral fee of up to £80. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are initially free.  We charge commission only for successful collections.

The commission amount varies depending upon the level of service you require.  For a one-off collection of an unpaid invoice, the commission amount is based upon the value of the invoice and ranges from 16% down to 6% for higher value collections.

The end customer only pays commission when a collection is successful, if there is no settlement, there is no fee due.  Any commission due, is then either taken from the amount that we collect directly or is paid by the customer on receipt of the payment from the debtor.

Referral partners get there referral fee of £30 within 7 days of referring a customer who signs up for our services.  If the collection is successful an additional £50 is paid within 30 days of the commission being paid to ourselves.


We have a proven process for the prompt settlement of unpaid invoices.  This is based upon a number of methods to actively encourage the debtor to pay the unpaid and overdue invoice without having to resort to more formal recovery action.

Yes, we actively encourage our our referral partners to refer our services to as many organisations that they feel need support with unpaid invoices.

We have an efficient and fully transparent process.  Our intuitive customer portal is used to securely communicate all of our activities with the end customer.

Our referral partners are kept informed on sign up and when / if there is a successful collection.

Still unsure? Feel free to get in touch with one of our Late Payment Service representatives.

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