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About Us

A Team You Can Trust

The team at Late Payment Service are dedicated to helping organizations manage their cashflow and reduce the risk of bad debt.

Late Payment Service Limited is a United Kingdom registered company.  We operate in both the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Our business model is based around the collection and settlement of unpaid invoices for our customers along with providing them an outsourced credit control and credit management function..

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Meet the CEO

George Harris

Our CEO, George Harris is the founder of the company.  He has many years of experience within credit control and management services.  

His background is in technical start-ups, having established a number of online businesses over the last twenty years. Late Payment Service has been established to deliver outsourced credit control and management services for businesses of all sizes but particularly those that don’t have the time or expertise to manage credit control in-house.

Values That Lead Us


Our Customer Portal and standard operating procedures enables full transparency for our customers with regards to our collection activities.

Code of Ethics

Our approach to credit control and credit management is based upon our proven legally compliant processes and code of ethics for all activities.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer service is of the highest standard. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our service delivery. We grow through recommendations.


We keep it simple, there is no point in trying to operate with smoke and mirrors. Customers and debtors appreciate our simplistic approach.

Some Feedback

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