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Our Credit Control Services

Late Payment Service

Outsource your credit control function.
We offer three levels of service for credit control management.

Ensuring that customers pay in reasonable timescales is our core objective. 

Credit control starts at the very beginning of the customer onboarding process.  Our service levels enable you to operate an outsourced credit control function that reduces bad debt and increases your cash flow.

Risk Assessment

Ensuring that you reduce financial risk is vital

Increasing your customer base is obviously important to all organisations. However, this should not be done without a solid understanding of the business risk associated with that customer.

Effective credit management is key

Our level 2 and level 3 services provides a credit risk assessment for new customers. We use credit reference agencies to assess the viability of the customer relationship and the likely credit risk associated with it.

LOwer operating costs

employing skilled and experienced staff is expensive

Many small and medium sized businesses do not need full time credit controllers. Employing such resources is often out of the question when operating costs need to be kept to a minimum.

Out-sourcing Credit Control is flexible and cost effective

You may only require credit control when taking on new customers or when you are experiencing late payment challenges. Our services solve this growing problem.

effective credit management

we follow a proven and legally compliant process

Most small and medium sized businesses don't have available or skilled resources to manage late payments. Our objective is don't let a let payment become a bad debt.

encourage the debtor to settle the invoice

Our approach is to work with the debtor to settle their outstanding invoice. Our aim is to simply ensure payment is made but we do so in a non-threatening legally compliant way which ensures the business relationship remains.

No settlement no fee

We only charge commission on settled invoices

All our service levels operate on a commission based fee that is charged for settled invoices. This is based upon a sliding scale and ranges from between 16% and 6% for the highest value invoices.

Customers are only invoiced once the debtor has settled

Our customers pay nothing if the invoice is not settled (applicable to all service levels). However, if we are operating other services then we charge a monthly retainer.

Level 1

No monthly retainer fee
  • Standard commission rate applies
    (Same as the one off client)
  • Preferential access to our resources
  • Access to Customer Portal

Level 2

$ 245
per month
  • 10% reduction in commission
  • Credit risk assessment
  • Monthly credit review
  • Access to Customer Portal

Level 3

$ 485
per month
  • 25% reduction in commission
  • Credit risk assessment
  • Monthly credit review
  • Access to Customer Portal